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La Masia Reels is a creative production company established in Barcelona and Madrid. It consists of a group of young dreamers since it was founded in 2015 by Alberto Gallego (Film Director).

La Masia is not an actors showreel production company, although it seems we do them very well. La Masia is a creative laboratory for actors, directors, writers, editors, cinematographers, art directors, producers...


Hence, La Masia has the family spirit of a big house where audiovisual artists converge.

Our passion is to bring every project up to the best standards of quality, applying a dedication to the craft that has developed into our very own methodology.




La Masia is the prelude to Gentileza, the production company we have been creating since 2018 with the aim of producing high-level fiction. We like personal, genuine cinema, with character and a powerful social outlook. We like genre films that are lively and committed. For all this, and because we want to find new stories, new looks and new voices that shout about the reality in which we live, we have decided to build Gentileza.


CEO / Productor - Alberto Gallego
CMO - Elena Peinado
Director of Photography - Jorge Basterretxea
Director of Production- Margalida Adrover
Director & Script Coordinator - Lucas de Gispert
Post-production & Editing Coordinator - Garazi Larrea
Technician and Sound Editor - Miguel Navarro

Script and Development - Daniela Univazo
Production Assistant - Nerea Ortiz
Production Assistant - Joan Garcia
Videobook Advisor - Celine Drevet
Casting Director - Alba Santacreu
Focus Puller - Guiu Gamiz

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