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Short films for actors. Don't wait for them to call you!

Do you want to get more auditions with your new showreel? You can go one step further and produce a short film, to enter festivals and do some networking.

Why wait for them to call you when you can call them? If you don't get enough auditions, getting on a festival circuit is a very pro-active way to pursue your acting career.

Would you like to see the latest short film we have made? If so, below you will see some frames of our latest work for Jose Neira, with the collaboration of Tony Corvillo, actor known for "El Príncipe", Telecinco.

Want to know more about us? We are the leading production company of actors showreels in Europe. Established in Madrid and Barcelona since 2015, we offer the highest quality solution for professional actors.

You can check www.lamasiareels.com to see our scenes, follow us on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lamasiareels/ or contact us at one of our offices:




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