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Actors Showreels


How much does a showreel cost?

The price of a showreel depends on the number of scenes for which you compose it. We offer 2 types of scenes. You can ask for prices at info@lamasiareels.com .



How many scenes do you recommend to shoot to compose a showreel?

The number of scenes that a client needs is always the client's own decision. To make a wide and professional showreel it is recommended to shoot between 3 and 5 scenes, however these numbers are mere approximations. Each person is different and each process is equally different.

Do you offer free services?

- Advice on your showreel: free in all cases, even if you do not contract any service with us.
- Script writing; free for clients only.

- Makeup and Hairdressing; free for clients only.

- Advice on the distribution of your showreel: free for clients only.

Can I pay in small parts?
Yes, we can adapt to an installment payment. We can give you more details in the first informative call. You can write to info@lamasiareels.com to receive it.

Do you shoot in Madrid and Barcelona?
Yes. Every month since 2015.


Do you have an office in Madrid and Barcelona?

Does the price vary between Madrid and Barcelona?
No. The price is exactly the same for all services.

Why do you shoot scenes separately?
Thanks to having interviewed more than 62 Agents and more than 25 Casting Directors in Spain, we know that they need the scenes separately to promote an actor in specific projects. Also, once you have your scenes separately, it only takes a montage to join them in the same file that you will call "showreel". We offer that for free if you choose one of our packs.


What are the differences between RED and REDX scenes?
You can see all the specifications in each of the following links to see the difference, as well as videos with the final results:
REDX: https://www.lamasiareels.com/redx

RED: https://www.lamasiareels.com/red

What is the final duration of each type of scene?
Casting Directors and Agents have recommended us that the target duration per scene should be between 1 minute and 1 minute and 30 seconds. Since it is the right time to have an emotional change, highlight the acting, the listening, the reactions and not bore.
However, as you will see on our Vimeo, Instagram or Website, there are scenes that can be 50 seconds long and others in 3 minutes long, since the nature of every scene is always unique, and therefore its lenght.
On the other hand, when we edit scenes over 2 minutes we do it as a gift to the client, and we always advise to choose your best minute in order to send it to casting directors and agents.

What is the process to shoot the scenes?

1. Consultancy / information call

2. Payment and deposit to reserve dates.

3. We analyse your material and identify your star product, adapting it to industry demand.

4. Consultancy meeting: in which we develop the ideas for your personalised scripts and inform you of all the production details. (Locations, actors, costumes, etc.).

5. Delivery of scripts with the Scriptwriter and Director Lucas de Gispert. Here you will be able to propose changes and resolve any doubts you may have.

6. Production contacts you to inform you of all the details before shooting.

7. Shooting: Director, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Sound, Production, Make-up and Hair, etc.

8. Post-Production: The Head of Editing will contact you and inform you in detail about the process of Editing, Colour and Sound Editing.

9. Delivery of your material 30 working days after shooting.

What extras can be there?

Anything that is extraordinary to the production company. However, each extra depends on the nature of each scene and the client can decide, for example, whether to choose a paid location or the free option. Examples:


- Wardrobe: Unless we shoot period, the client and cast are provided with their own costumes.

- Locations: Free locations are all those available to the client or locations where the local council does not charge. Paid locations are all those such as: flats, restaurants, pubs, offices, clinics, or any type of place where the owner asks for an economic figure. We will inform you of the agreements we have with each owner so that you can decide whether you want to do it or not.

- Casting actors: If the client has friends/acquaintances in the world of the performing arts and wants to count on them for the filming, perfect, there will be no added cost in that aspect. If not, we have a database of more than 900 actors and actresses in Spain. We contact them, always ensuring the required level of interpretation. If an actor/actress is contacted from the Masia, there is an added cost.

- Parking during filming: if the location is in a city and the vehicle with which we transport the camera requires parking or a pay zone, you will be informed before filming by the production department. They are usually between €10 and €20.

- Permits for filming on location: These are managed by the production team whenever filming on public locations, including public roads as well as parks and gardens. They do not usually have any additional cost, except in some specific areas.

- Filming insurance: €16.5. Independent of the number of scenes, and valid for one month.


Do you charge commission for the extras?

Never and in no case. Neither for locations, nor rented wardrobe, nor supporting actors. The better price the locations have the more willing a client will be to pay and therefore the better the result of the scenes will be. Which is what we are looking for, since the better the result the better the reputation for the production company Thus, we try to get the best deals with suppliers so that the client has more options to improve their scenes.

Do you write the scripts? Are they original?

Yes, Lucas de Gispert is in charge of the creative area together with 2 other writers. 

The scripts are always customised on the basis of the consultancy meeting. 

And they are original unless the client avidly wants us to adapt a scene from an existing series or film.

Can I propose scripts that I have written? Is there a discount?
You can propose them, however, they will always go through supervision.

There is no discount, since writing scenes is a free service (only for clients). The price of the scenes is based on the work of Pre-Production, Filming and Post-Production. 


Do you shoot in different languages?

Yes, we have shot showreels in more than 10 languages, including: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese or Arabic.

Do you get locations?

Yes, we have a catalogue of more than 200 different locations in Madrid and Barcelona.

Do you get supporting actors?

Yes, we have a database of more than 900 actors and actresses in Spain.

Is there a director and coach?

- Alberto Gallego is the director and co-founder of La Masia, and has directed more than 500 scenes since 2015 at La Masia, in addition to having won the 1st prize for best director at the New York Film Festival for "Reina de los Dardos" and in 2020 be in the financing phase of his new fiction project.

- Mat Cruz is co-founder and actor ("Vis a Vis", "I'm Alive"). At La Masia, he has helped actors bring out their best since 2015. You can see more info about him at https://www.lamasiareels.com/entrenamiento-actoral?lang=en

Do you offer Makeup and Hairdressing?

Yes, and it's for free.

Do you help with the distribution of the showreel?
Yes, it's for free for clients. 


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