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45 Casting Directors in a New and Exclusive Book!

45 casting directors interviewed for the new book whose benefits are destined to Acción Contra El Hambre.

It's about the first book including 45 casting directors ever made, giving tips for actors! Do you want to read it? To know more about the book's process, participate in giveaways of the book, and more follow us on instagram:

Lane Casting, Judith a la izquierda y Alejandro a la derecha - Entrevista para el libro producido por la Masia Reels
Lane Casting, Judith López on the left and Alejandro Gil on the right - Interview for the book created by La Masia Reels

We are very excited about you enjoying this very special book that counts with 45 reputed casting directors. Each of them dedicated us part of their time for you to know them a bit more, personally, know which is the best way to focus a casting, which tools the actors need the most, tips for showreels and headshots, which are the motives why they do not have the last word at the time of selection, the importance of training and being prepared at the casting, of the good behavior in a performance demonstration, tips to help you control the nerves and anxiety, anecdotes and much more.

The firs book we published was about agents. Titled "Representante, que no es poco", it counts with 62 reputed actors' agents sharing useful and essential tips for any actor that wants to get related effectively with them. You can find it at: www.lamasiareels.com/libros

Currently, we are working on the second phase of the book. What this means?

Interviews are already transcribed, and we are finishing the correction and selection of the most interesting parts for you. The next step is that casting directors check their interviews so Editorial Autografía can start the layout.

We are having a blast with this project, waiting for you to have a great time reading it as well.

Besides, as with the first book, the copyright and benefits goes to Acción contra El Hambre.

To read phrases taken from the book, visit our Instagram:


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