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On October 14, we published the book Representante que no es Poco, the first book that gathers advices and experiences of 62 reputed actor's agents in Spain.

With this book we open a window to the actor's world, from a very unique point of view: the one of the agents. In this book we show the most human and professional side of 62 important agents in Spain, in this group we can find Diana Marcos, Helena Freijedo, Luca del Río, Eduardo González Valdivia, Esther Cabrero, Pedro Hermosilla or Mayte Ortega.

Actors and actresses will find answers to many of the questions that they face day by day, and they will see all the hard work that they agents do and that is not always perceived.

The prologue of the book has been written by Juantxu Alvarez and Helena Maroto, directors of Gosua Management , agents of Los Javis, Belén Cuesta o Brays Efe: "For us, there are two key essential things: constancy and trust."

This unique book counts with the autorship of La Masia Reels, and it has been possible because of Editorial Autografía.

All benefits of the author are destined to ACCIÓN CONTRA EL HAMBRE.


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