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CATALUNYA RADIO invite us to their program!

Catalunya Radio invite us to their program to talk about the project we are working in for the last year, our two books "Conversaciones con Representantes y Directores de Casting".

Click here to listen: 👇

It is a project that developed and it's generating a lot of illusion between the professionals of the industry, because we interviewed more than 55 agents like:

Reacting Talent (Antonio Banderas), Mayte Ortega (Danna Paola), Aleteia (Paco Tous), Lucía del Río (Ester Expósito), DeCara (Darko Peric), EGV (Llum Barrera), El Papel es Tuyo (Luis Merlo), Calabuch (Natalia Tena), Paper Street (Macarena Gómez), José Triana (Ana Duato), Marco Gadei (Juan Martín Gravina), Tandem (Eduardo Casanova), Pedro Hermosilla (Raúl Arévalo),... And it comes with a second great surprise: the second book, regarding to Casting Directors, that includes Tonucha Vidal, Luis Gimeno, Rosa Estévez, Conchi Iglesias, Natalia Rodríguez, Cristina Campos, Juan León, Gisela Krenn, Déborah Borque, and many others.

This is a new project that contributes with the industry, bringing light to work of agents and casting directors. Currently, we are in the last phase of the book: Editorial Autografía is going to be in charge of the graphic design for the e-book and for the the printed version.

We just released the news, but we already have been invited to the programs RTVE "Va de Cine" and to Catalunya Radio It is a book that we really want every Film and Interpretation School to have. Besides, every benefit of it goes to a charital cause.

Find more news of this project in instagram! https://www.instagram.com/lamasiareels/

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