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How to create a showreel?

Are you struggling with google about it? How to create a showreel?, where to shoot a showreel?, showreel for actors in Madrid?, what´s a showreel?

Then you arrived to the perfect place. Welcome to La Masia! The place that gathers film professionals since 2015 with the objetive of creating fiction scenes. In this trip, while we reach producing our own films, we are filming showreels for actors, in a quality never seen before. We shoot with movie camaras, and we have an excellent, human, and technical team.

We are a young team that will help you to have an acting material that looks just like taken from a movie or a tv show, in order to achieve a competitive advantage from other actors. With our material, filmed with RED DRAGON, you will opt to reputed agents and important castings.

We encourage you to watch the next funny making of, in which our clients throw the scripts through our heads,

So, answering the question: how to shoot a showreel? We could say to you: "with your phone", but to the question: how to create a showreel that hooks me into job opportunities, film and tv castings? We definetly recommend you to delegate it to a professional team to produce a film looking showreel.

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Contact Info: lamasiareels.com https://www.lamasiareels.com

Thanks for reading us!


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