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We have compiled a set of news in which directors and casting directors give tips for actors about how to get ready for a casting.

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Here is the list of the best tips!

  • Think that doing a casting is similar to sow, not harvest or hunt. This little conceptual shift will give you mental health, and the necessary relaxing feeling for not getting blocked. Think that showing a good acting is going to help you on your next project.

  • You are there because they have a problem and they want you to be their solution. Do not get in the room feeling that you are on a vulnerable position. When you get in that room they want you to be awesome.

  • Try to learn the text as much as possible, it will relax you. Unless they call you for a Cold Reading. In that case, be sure to read the text as many times as you can in a dramatized style.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for a minute if you need to be emotional prepared before the scene.

  • Take risky decisions, and then be open to receive directions. Do a script and character analysis and present your proposal. Show that you have criteria and that you are professional. If you are not right, they will give you new directions, and if you follow them, they will have a very good impression of you.

  • The look isn't the most important. There are very famous cases of characters that have been given to a blonde when they were looking for a brunette, or to a woman when they were looking for a man. The most important for the director is that if you connect with the thorn of the character and you can live the experiences that transforms it.

  • Respect and consideration should be something reciprocal. Have trust to say "no" if there is something that doesn't matches with your personal values. No matter if they are nudes in the casting room, kisses or any other unpleasant and prescindible situation.

  • Do you know who are you referring even when it's not specified in the script? Putting them faces will help you with your behaviors and emotions. How does he/she looks? How is the relationship with your character? Who has more power status? Are you imposing or do you feel total confidence?

  • Ask yourself if you need or not to use a chair. Use it if you need it! Remember that if you start sitted, standing up will be an event! Being sitted on a chair can give an intimate feeling. On the other hand, standing up will give you a better voice projection.

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  • A good idea to be ready for the audition is doing a little research of the director and the people involved. You need to know who is going to work in the project and what kind of projects they have done. It's essential to understand their vision and style.

  • Be sure to know the know the project as much as possible! Following the last point, it's not the first time an actor shows in a drama casting, and because of a misunderstood of the text, or a tricky title he thinks it's a comedy. Strange? They say it happened in the casting of "Sin tetas no hay Paraíso". Imagine you read that title and do not stop to do some research on the project.

  • And obviously, don't be late! Be sure to know the route to get to the audition, and go with enough time.

We hope you liked the compilation of tips.

Good luck on your castings!

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