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Luci Lenox, International Casting Director, known for doing the casting of "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" directed by Woody Allen or "A Monster Calls" directed by J.A. Bayona, among others, shares with La Masia Reels her opinion about showreels for actors! The second part of this interview, about agents and casting proceses, will be published on Tuesday, June 4.

Luci Lenox, Mat Cruz. Interview, entrevista La Masia Reels, sobre actores y videobooks
Luci Lenox - Photography by Fernando Pérez

During the next 5 years, will the spanish industry will offer job opportunities for actors?

I believe, there will be many more opportunities for actors to enter the industry, because there're a lot of contents being developed at this very moment.

Could a showreel help find these opportunities?

If it's a good showreel and it shows the best performance of the actor, of course it helps.

Which 5 tips would you give about an actoral showreel?

1) Show just your best performance. 2) Be sure it's easy to watch. 3) Make it last less than 3.5 minutes. 4) Make sure to put your name and contact info on it. 5) Make sure it shows the kind of characters you are looking for.


Which are the most common mistakes?

Making the showreel too long, and include bad performances, below the standard.

At the time of watching a showreel, how much time you last deciding if an actor is really interesting for the character?

It's a quick decision if they really are a fit for the role, and it takes a lot of time if they're not a good fit.

Do the clients watch the actor's showreel?

Most of the time, we send the actors' showreels with our lists when we want to make suggestions to directors and producers. They watch it!

What's the best way for an actor to get in contact with you?

Sending me an e-mail with your headshot attached, and a link to your showreel.

Any last tip for actors?

Remember that this industry is highly competitive, so always try to keep improving your level. And, most important, enjoy the journey.This is a career with many ups and downs, so it's important to keep a positive attitude when things are not going as we plan it, but also to really cherish the moments when it goes roses!

Thanks to Luci for giving us her time to chat about actors. Next week we will share the second part of the interview in which she talks about casting proceses and agents.

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Luci Lenox, Mat Cruz, La Masia Reels, Videobooks para actores, Entrevista directora de casting
Photography by Fernando Pérez

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In the next 5 years, will the Spanish industry have job opportunities for actors?

I think there will be many more opportunites for actors to break into the industry as the Industry is developing so much TV at the moment.

Can an acting showreel increase the chances of finding those opportunities?

If it is a good showreel and shows the actor at their best then it certainly helps.

What are the top tips for an acting showreel?

1) Only show your best work. 2) Make sure it is easy to watch. 3) Keep it under 3.5 minutes. 4) Make sure your name and contact details are on it. 5) Make sure it reflects the kind of roles you are looking to play.

What are the common mistakes?

Making the showreel too long and including sub-standard work.

When watching a showreel, how long does it take you to decide if an actor is interesting for the role?

It’s a very quick decision if they are right and a long time if they are not right.

Do clients ever watch the actor’s showreel? And the website?

We often submit actors’ showreels with our lists when we are making suggestions to directors and producers. And they do watch them!

What is the best way for an actor to contact you?

By sending me a mail with an attached headshot and a link to their showreel.

Any final advice for actors?

Remember that this is a highly-competive industry so try to always be upping your game. And above all, enjoy the journey. It is a career with many ups and downs so it’s important to be able to stay positive when things aren’t going according to plan but also to be able to really enjoy the times when things are going perfectly!

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