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New Cinematographic Project Open in 2020

A. Gallego, co-director and co-founder of La Masia Reels, producer of cinematographic showreels for actors and actresses in Madrid and Barcelona, just finished writing the script of his new project for 2020. The winner of the 1st Prize for Best Shortfilm in New York City Films Infest Festival, bets for a Social Drama genre new project based on real facts. It will be a project with a deep story, very emotional and real. It's intention is to count with a renowned actor for the starring role. The casting process will be open by the end of this year, and cvs, interested actors' showreels will be more than welcome.

Frame of "Reina de Los Dardos", written by Carlos Bría, Directed by A. Gallego. 1st Prize for Best Experimental Shortfilm in NYC Films Infest Festival & 1st Prize for Best Direction and Shortfilm in Festival Oriana 2018.

To keep noticed about the projects, follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lamasiareels/


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