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Produce your short film and enter Festivals!

You still don't know the benefits of shooting a short film with La Masia?

Actor Christian Avilés has shot a short film with us that is already in more than 20 festivals. Initially, his idea was to use it for his showreel, but he came up with something even better. He used the short film to move it around festivals, which is allowing him to travel, have acting recognition, do networking and have the possibility of getting back the money invested.

With José Neira we located the most spectacular mines for a short film about the power conflict between the miners and the tycoons.

With Pol Cardona we have embarked on an action short film set in Africa in 2000. Taking as visual references Blood Diamond or The Transporter, where we make a plane take off.

La Masía Reels wants to offer you the possibility of producing your own projects so that you can be the leading character in the stories you want to tell. Check the airplane's taking off here: https://www.instagram.com/lamasiareels/

Would you like to give your career a huge boost? Shooting your own short film is an incredible journey! Write to us at info@lamasiareels.com if you are one of those people who does not think twice.

If you want to shoot your short or your acting videobook and you want us to advise you, enter our website and contact us: www.lamasiareels.com or send us a message to madrid@lamasiareels.com or bcn@lamasiareels.com


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