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Ruiz de Villalobos speaks about "Representante que nos es Poco" in "La Claqueta" - Radio Marca

This past Sunday, November 8, during the Radio Marca program by "La Claqueta", a program where people speak, and very well, about the world of cinema and which is directed by Pepe Nieves, the main theme was our book "Representante que no es Poco". The great Miguel-Fernando Ruiz de Villalobos recommends and explains the book. A book designed for actors, journalists, directors or any other person interested in the world of films and movies. It answers many of the questions that we ask ourselves: how did this actor come to this film? What is the process that an unknown actor goes through until he becomes recognized? Is the work of an agent necessary?

All those questions have an answer in "Representante que no es Poco".

Here we leave you the link of the full program, we really hope you enjoy it as much as we did:


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