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Now it's here the third chapter of our tutorials to help you shoot your free showreel. Once you already have your script, find your location, and have all the actors confirmed you can start the filming.

On this video, Alberto Gallego, film director in La Masia, advises to work with first close ups or medium shots, choosing very carefully the background that will be showed behind the actors, that will add a reality vibe to the scene.

"If it sounds good, it looks better" is the advise that shares with us Miguel Navarro, soundman. Miguel recommends not to use the microphone of the camera your'e recording with, but an extern one to get closer to the actor, this way you get a clearer sound.

Regarding to illumination, you should have in mind the setting of the shooting. If it's an outdoor location,Jorge Basterretxea, DP, advises to keep away from noon hours to avoid hard shades, and if we decided to shoot indoor we can use windows light, it will give realism to the image.

To film our showreel at home we should keep in mind many factors that we normally don't mind, but that are very important if we want to create a quality scene.

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