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After been analyzing what we need in a pre-production, script and during the filming, today we dedicate this tutorial about how to create a free showreel to what interest all of us, the acting.

Mat Cruz actor and acting coach in La Masia Reels mentions the most common problems. The text is not The Bible, and the emotions shouldn't be forced.

To present a good showreel you has to make yours the script, build on it in order that it doesn't turn in a limitation. What is really interesting for casting directors and agents is that you really get into the scene and give relevance to the subtext, everything that happens inside the character but it's not said makes it much more interesting.

In order to emotions, Mat reminds us that it is not necessary to force them and perform a fake scene. We can evoke them and incite them to come through imagination and sensations. Provoke an emotion requires practice, but when you achieve it is an incredible and real sensation.

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