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SHOOT YOUR SHOWREEL FOR FREE - Casting and Location tips

For an actor, a showreel is it's presentation card. With a quality showreel you can find casting opportunities, but we know not everybody decides to call on a professional team, so we created... La Masia Mini-Tutorials!

In this mini tutorials series we share with you the most important TIPS for each phase in which the creation os a scene is divided (Pre-Production, Script and Counseling, Shooting, Acting, and Post-Production) so you don't forget anything.

In this first tutorial Alba Santacreu, Casting Director and Andrea Recoder, Production Director, share with us two strong key points to keep in mind before shooting the scene: casting and locations.

The importance of making a good casting is to guarantee that the actors will fit a 100% with the characters we created, and the importance of having a good location is that it gives a real look and feel to the scene. Both of these, sometimes are forgotten while creating a showreel.

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