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Showreel or magic to find agent?

"A good showreel can get you a year of representation, a bad showreel gets you nothing". This is a phrase taken from Spotlight blog, the most important casting platform for actors in United Kingdom.

Different agents of Madrid and Barcelona, which we are lucky to have a good relationship with, have shared with us the way they work with new actors. We interviewed more than 30 agents in Spain, and we will publish all the interviews on our blog soon. In this post we will share a tip that's being repeated in these several interviews.

On one hand, an agent counts with trusted actors in which he/she relies and bets long term, on the other hand are the "promise actors", these last are the ones they'll represent during a while to see if they work as a team. However, according to them, this just will happen if the actor has wings, which means if he/she has a good showreel to share with casting directors. If the actor doesn't have good material, even when he/she invokes the power and magic of the Law of Attraction, probably he/she will not be accepted by an agent, because without good and professional scenes it's going to be very hard to promote the profile in order to find job opportunities.

We are very happy to have been able to help more than 60 actors y actresses to find agent. A number that, in an industry with 92% of unemployed actors, remarks the importance of investing in high quality, according to the industry's demand.

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