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This letter is addressed to all those creators, dreamers, and fighters that live to leap

April 21, 2020 - 5 years on adventure

Not even in our very best dreams we thought to be were we are today. And, yes, it might seem as it's not extraordinary, but for us it's been fundamental. Now we are completely sure that we can reach the top of whatever we desire.

It's just about keep working hard and continue to push with our heads held high, never forgetting our target: FILM IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Without complexes or fears. We are very sure that sooner than later we are going to achieve it. Is this conviction, this ultramotivation that surrounds all our family, it's what makes us keep going, even when, sometimes, it might seem as something completely wild or impossible.

This has been our only secret. And I am sure that if someday we loose it, we are going to close the doors ourselves, but right now we are at our very best moment.

We don't care about boarders, that's why we have this persistent idea to carry our philosophy to other capitals. It's something very complicated because it demands a lot of investment, but we trust that during the next years it's going to be tangible. Truth is that many times we've asked ourselves with astonishment why actors from London, Paris, Berlin, or Los Angeles are flying all the way to Barcelona to shoot their scenes with us. And leaving aside Spain's great attractive, the only answer that comes to our minds is that they come to us because they've seen a group of “crazy people“ that have been dreaming since several years. And if it's as we think, we cannot be prouder, because is this what makes us the most expensive enterprise of creation of scenes for actors in the world.

This made us to buy movie cameras around 50.000€ without being very sure about how are we going to pay them, it made us interviewed all the casting directors and agents of the country with the only intention of knowing how the fucking show business works. And without any doubt, that is what made us create a family that enjoys enormously this journey. And, sincerely, we should say it hasn't or going to be an easy way. We have received many hits, a lot, we have dedicated hours and hours trying to understand what was missing, what was wrong, how to survive without dying the next few months. But, if you stop and think about it, that epic is what makes a story a STORY, not just an outcome. Deep deep down, this is what movies are, just with less budget, a lot less.

La Masia Reels - Productora Audiovisual
Picture of our 1st Publicity with our big son - PEYOte

We truly believe in the idea that things aren´t impossible. If there is someone that already achieved it, why aren´t we going to achieve it?

We trust that irreverent and dissatisfied concept makes us advance. Is that feeling what makes you jump off a cliff to the water for the first time, having that sensation of vertigo of fright. What's even crazier is that once that you do the leap, all that fear vanishes. What two minutes ago seems impossible now is not just possible, but highly stimulating. It's probable you want to jump again, but from a higher cliff. And, honestly, that's how we look ourselves, and that's how we want to be seen, as a bunch of freaks that every year jump from the higher cliff we can. That's why now, and a while ago we are developing a bigger producer, also more free, which allows us to dive into fiction and publicity. We called it PEYOte, because we love to feel the sensation that is produced when your brain segregates DMT, and the world that a minute ago seems so real, turns in a complete fiction, full of colors and fractal dimensions.

That's us, and how I said before, if someday we stop being that way, we are going to close the doors ourselves to fall in love again. Now we still dreaming of making movies, dreaming of creating worlds, dreaming of discovering which is going to be the next cliff to jump off. This letter is addressed to all those creators, dreamers, fighters or just crazy, that at some point decided to join us on this journey and leap off the cliff. Thank you. Each of you has given us breath to keep going further. We will always be on debt with you. Let's keep jumping.

This picture was made during the shoot of our first publicity with PEYOte Producer, big son of La Masia. La Masia https://www.instagram.com/lamasiareels/

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