Top 10 mistakes that usually actors make in their showreels

Updated: May 28, 2021

We are fully committed to creation, shooting, and edition of professional showreels' scenes for actors since 2015. In this post, we would love to make sure that you will find job if you keep in mind this common mistakes. But we would be lying.

However, what we can make sure is that if your showreel hasn't these 10 common mistakes you'll have a great tool to target your goals. And if even with this you can't find job, you will be closer to discover and solve that other factor that is precluding you to grow.

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This is why we can't wait to share with you our list of how not to do an acting showreel.

All this information comes from our interviews project "Entrevistas a Directores de Casting y Representantes de España", that we will release in 2020. We interviewed Casting Directors as Luis Gimeno, Rosa Estévez, Cristina Perales or Conchi Iglesias, and Agents as Mayte Ortega, Aleteia, EGV, Calabuch or DeCara, among others!

So, here we share with you some tips they recommended about showreels:

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1. RED FLAGS ON A SHOWREEL If your showreel has some of these "red spots" instead of advancing in your career, they could impede the access to castings, agents, or the jobs you want.

  • Not a good/worked acting.

  • Homemade shots without good illumination.

  • Deficient sound, it doesn't sound good or there is an annoying sound on it.

  • Not a good script.

  • Props and background that distracts.

  • Bad edition.

Playing in an extremely competitive industry, as movie making, in which we all "pick through eyes", showing a poor image, content, or sound is not a great idea. It is equivalent to wanting to compete in the F1 against Fernando Alonso driving a Seat Panda.

Specially today, that we are used to Netflix, HBO or Movistar's quality.

A casting director, producer, or agent receives hundreds of actor's mails in a month, where he/she is just looking for 2 main characters for the project, and maybe 8 secondaries. Discard is a need. And, just as in a job interview, if the candidate presents with a misspelled resume, a stain on his/her shirt, he/she looses points, and he/she is liable to discard. Same happens with an amateur showreel.


Apparently, some actors think that a showreel should be like a musical videoclip, with an edition where the same person reappears, but with different outfits and hair styles.

However, a showreel works for showing your interpretative quality. A good way to show it is presenting professional scenes of yourself acting, without making it look as a trailer or as a videoclip.

Could it be a short images' edition? Most casting directors do not recommend it, other small percentage is ok with it. This edition, separated from principal scenes, is better to go at the end, they say, and it's related with the point 8 you'll see later.

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Let's put an example: Dabiz Muñoz, leader and chef of Diverxo, 3 Michelin stars winner restaurant. This restaurant offers haute cuisine dishes, presented with fine taste, in a very creative way, and with a very excentric style. It requires more than 20 workers, a more than 100 m2, and a modern styling.