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We are interviewed in "Butaca y Butacón"

On October 13, Mat Cruz, Co-Founder at La Masia, did an interview with Borja García in Butaca y Butacón”, program on “laFM.es” , in which they talked about our book “Representante, que no es poco”, book that gives voice to 62 actor's agents in our country, Spain.

One of the most featured worldwide jobs is the actor's one. Red carpets, prizes, gossip, etc...But what about all that that isn't shown? In this interview Mat and Borja talks about the film industry and the hard works that represents for the agents to lead a "new actor" to the screens, and how sometimes the actors do not give any credit about it.

Here we leave you the link of the full interview!

http://www.la-fm.es/?p=11207 Thank you for visiting our blog! We'll post more interviews soon. La Masia Reels


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