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The actor's showreel that

Positions you in the industry

At Masia Reels we have already helped more than 800 actors to get a highly competitive showreel

Any scene you choose, you will have all the processes included 

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Shooting your showreel is great, doing it with Masia Reels: Fantastic

12 professionals at your service

We will accompany you throughout the process, and we will take care of all the paperwork.

100% personalized service

We will study and analyze your material to identify your star product and we will adapt everything else to that.

Connection to Castings

We will help you to distribute the showreel by approaching your representative and casting directors.

Configure your showreel your way

Red Scene

The scene you need for your showreel

7 horas de formación grupal

Análisis de tu producto estrella

Ensayos por parejas personalizado

Coach actoral

Revisión de guiones

Revisión de las escenas finales

Red Scene

The scene you need for your showreel

12 professionals at your service

Personalized advice

Original script writing

3h of filming

2 shots

Complete post-production

Showreel distribution plan

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Descubre la aventura

We have shot more than 1,500 scenes, discover them and imagine yours.

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