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Ancla 2

1. Custom counselling

Counselling is part of la Masia spirit: 

to go beyond the showreel.

An initiative that makes a difference and gives you the focus you need to be seen and not forgotten.

2. Original


Custom scripts with character's arc, turning point with emotional transition and a maximum duration of one and a half minutes recommended by Casting Directors.

3. We arrange everything you need

We get and manage locations, supporting actors and filming permits. We plan everything so you can focus on what you love: acting.

4. Rehearsal & Shooting

You get one rehearsal for FREE that will help you give everything you have on the shooting day. 

Director, Director of Photography, Sound Technician and Acting Coach will be there to back you up. Also, FREE basic makeup and hairdressing, ideal for you to look great on screen.

5. Post Production

The magic of post-production, with 3 professionals that will work on the editing, sound and color to make your work shine like a movie.

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